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This 5ml glass dropper of Familiar Fragrance Oil provides the marvelous aroma of your favorite memories without the wax. We recommend using our Familiar Fragrance Oils with warmers and/or diffusers. Simply place a couple drops of  Familiar fragrance in your device and watch the memories overwhelm the mind as our magical fragrances fill the area.

Our fragrance oils are of high concentrate carried in a high-purity synthetic compound designed for use in odor-sensitive applications. Our Familiar Fragrance Oils are purely aromatic, having a pleasant and distinctive smell, and are safe to use around pets. All of our oils are held to FDA standards.

For newcomers to using oils rather than wax, electric or tea light wax burners are a great apparatus for our oils. If you already have one of these, you are ready for Familiar Fragrance Oils. Diffusers (electric or natural) are also a great way to enjoy the smell of great memories!


*Because we have so many fragrances to offer, you must choose "My Choice is on the other List" for one of the option drop downs to place your order. 

Theme Park & Resort Diffuser Oil 5ml

  • There are no returns, exchanges or refunds for this item.

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