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Board the Barge with other Buccaneers & hit the high seas with this Salty Ocean scented wax melt. Our Caribbean Pirates take you back to your favorite ride and sing-a-long at the most Magical Kingdom of all. Enjoy ye sailing ye mate and hold tight to the weathered wood as you transform your home into the warm Caribbean waters of your favorite amusement ride.Note: This is a rendition of the ride and a oceanic scented candle made up of sea salt, plum & amber. However, the main aroma in the attraction is “bromine” (a form of chlorine) and that is hard to replicate with a fragrance. This candle is missing the bromine smell that would truly capture the pirates ride.
***Color May Vary***

Caribbean Pirates Wax Melts

  • Made up of a mix of Soy & Paraffin, these tarts hold a powerful fragrance. Lasting for hours, just one cube can fill up a room.

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