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Any fragrance imaginable, we can create in an incense form. These incense are handmade fresh per order. If you do not see your fragrance choice on here, send us an email--chances are we can provide you with any request you might have. This is a made to order product and may take up to a week to ship.

Yo uare purchasing 3 packs of 12" incense sticks. There are10 sticks in each pack for a total of 30 sticks.


NOTE: EVERY CANDLE Option we have comes in INCENSE. 


A vast number of choices in this category. All are very powerful handmade incense with strong scents. You will not be disappointed. 

Assorted Incense List

  • Made with all natural ingriedients these bamboo "punk" sticks are slow burning and can last up to 2 hours. Handmade with quality fragrances we a strong incense that is incomparable to others on the market. Made and kept fresh. 12" sticks

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