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Imported from Bedrock!!! ~~~~This Fruity Pebbles scented candle is by far one of the most SPOT ON scents! Its the fruity smell of that fun bright colorful cereal that we have all grown to love over the years. It will easily gain attention the moment someone walks into the room!


***Color May Vary***


Available as an 8 oz Candle, Wax Melts, 1 oz Room/Car Spray, 5ml Fragrance Oil, 10ml Roll On Body Oil applicator, 3pk Incense. 

Fruity Pebbles Collection

  • This is a fine blend of paraffin & soy wax that creates a wonderful scent throw which stretches a considerable distance when lit, burned or melted. The candle is an 8 oz tin and comes with a crackling wooden wick that requires maintenance for proper burning (trimming). Comes with a tin cover.

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