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The Six pack Halloween Special is now available.

With this purchase you will receive the following six packs of Theme Park Incense:

1) Haunted Mansion

2) Pennywise

3) Stranger Things

4) Friday the 13th

5) Pumpkin King

6) Trick or Treat Bag

You are purchasing 6 packs of 12" incense. Each pack contains 10 sticks of handmade incense, for a total of 60 incense with this purchase.

Made with all natural ingredients these bamboo "punk" sticks are slow burning and can last several hours. Handmade with quality fragrances for a strong incense that is incomparable to others on the market. Made and kept fresh.

The scary scent of a haunted house comes alive in our haunted mansion incense. The smell of a campfire exudes our Friday the 13th and sense. Our pumpkin king incense smells like pumpkin caramel crunch while the Trick-or-treat scented incense smells like a bag of candy including chocolate as well as sweet tarts. Our Stranger Things incense smells like maple syrup waffles and finally our Pennywise incense smells like that of a circus mixed with a little bit of sewer fog. These are original in classics enjoy!

Halloween Incense Variety Pack

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