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Our Limited Edition Glass Jar Large Label HHN FOG 8oz Candles with Cotton wicks are now available while supplies last...


The smoke in the air drifting through the theme park corridors cannot help but pick up the aroma of mouth watering delights in its fog. Subtle hints of popcorn and candied goodies fill the air with a dense smokey stench known to be given off by scary fog machines. This is the October theme park goers most anticipated candle-the smell of yummy treats and scary smoke all mixed into one.

"The foulest stench is in the air. The funk of forty thousand years"

***Color May Vary***

Horror Nights Fog GLASS jar 8oz Candle

  • This candle is a fine blend of paraffin & soy wax that creates a wonderful scent throw which stretches a considerable distance when lit. The 8oz tin comes with a crackling wooden wick that requires maintenance for proper burning (trimming). Comes with a tin cover.

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