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Awe, this year's Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is cancelled. In hopes to make you feel better, we have made a new Collection. Our Oh-So-Spooky Halloween Party smells just like a big bag of halloween candy! If you have ever been to the party you know you get lots &lots of goodies! Our candle & other products smell like a candy pail brimming to the top with both fruity and chocolate classic Halloween candy! 


CONSIDER TAKING ADVANTAGE OF OUR BUY 3 CANDLES get 1 FREE and add Haunted Mansion, Flight of Passage and your favorite Resort candle to your order!

***Color May Vary***



Available as an 8 oz Candle, Wax Melts, 1 oz Room/Car Spray, 5ml Fragrance Oil 3 pk Incense or 10ml Roll On Body Oil applicator. $25 1oz spray & 8oz candle Combo.

Oh-So-Spooky Halloween Party Collection

  • 8oz Candle

    1oz Glass Bottle Car/Room Spray

    Round Clamshell of Wax Melts

    3 Packages of 12" incense (dozen per pack)

    5ml fragrance oil

    $25 Gift Box comes with 1oz spray & 8oz candle in gift box.

    This is a fine blend of paraffin & soy wax that creates a wonderful scent throw which stretches a considerable distance when lit, burned or melted. The candle is an 8 oz tin and comes with a crackling wooden wick that requires maintenance for proper burning (trimming). Comes with a tin cover.

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