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Theme Parks have the best stunt shows and this is a tribute to those exciting spectacles! The smell of fire and gun powder will fumigate throughout your area with our new Stunt Show fragrance. Formulated after several requests to recreate the smell of Indians Jones, we are happy to provide this one-of-a-kind Collection!


Combo comes with 1oz spray & 8oz Candle. Free Shipping!

***Color May Vary***




Stunt Show Candle & Spray Combo

  • 8oz Candle

    1oz Glass Bottle Car/Room Spray

    Round Clamshell of Wax Melts

    3 Packages of 12" incense (dozen per pack)

    5ml fragrance oil

    $25 Gift Box comes with 1oz spray & 8oz candle in gift box.

    This is a fine blend of paraffin & soy wax that creates a wonderful scent throw which stretches a considerable distance when lit, burned or melted. The candle is an 8 oz tin and comes with a crackling wooden wick that requires maintenance for proper burning (trimming). Comes with a tin cover.

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