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Smell like your favorite Theme Park Attractions & Resorts with our 10ml roll on glass bottle body oil appilcator. The bottles can come empty or with healing crystals. Choose from your favorite rides and hotels and enjoy or long lasting fragrance oils! This 10ml bottle can be used time and time again to refresh clothing & skin. 


DO NOT get confused--in order to offer all of our Oils --we have two drop down menu's. For one of your drop down menu's, you must choose "my choice is on the other list" to place your order.

Theme Park Body Oil

  • Some body oils contain essential oils that can irriate the skin on some individuals. Some ingredients to our oils may irritate the skin, and stain clothing. Familiar Fragrances is not responsible for how oils are applied on skin or clothing. Use at own risk. Our oils are 100% uncut fragrance oils. We carry only the finest blended fragances. No dpg, no additives, all preapproved for use on skin. Use & apply oils at own risk.

  • Due to the nature of this product applying to skin- there are no refunds or returns for this product.

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