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Butterscotch Candies, Sweet Tarts & Candy Corn are just some of the things that make up the contents of a trick or treat bag. This specially formulated candle brings the joy of smelling your candy bag after a long Halloween night of trick or treating. A wonderful aroma that will have your imagination sifting through the countless candy options only available on that one spooky night in the Fall. A spook-tacular Collection!



Available as an 8 oz Candle, Wax Melts, 1 oz Room/Car Spray, Fragrance Oil or incense.

Trick or Treat Bag Collection

  • This candle is a fine blend of paraffin & soy wax that creates a wonderful scent throw which stretches a considerable distance when lit. The 8oz tin comes with a crackling wooden wick that requires maintenance for proper burning (trimming). Comes with a tin cover.

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